BC residents, brace yourselves. Winter is going to be in full force on several parts of the province and showing just how bitter it can be. Environment Canada is now warning us that BC is going to be hit by an "arctic flow" that will bring temperatures as cold as -45°C

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On Monday morning, Environment Canada issued "extreme cold" weather warnings for several parts of BC, as well as "arctic outflow" special weather alerts for certain areas of the province. According to them, extreme cold is dangerous and "puts everyone at risk". 

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In several regions across BC, North Peace River, Elk Valley, Williston, Kinbasket, Yoho Park/Kootenay Park and Highway 97 Pine Pass, temperatures are expected to be as low as -40°C to -45°C. "Cold Arctic air has settled over the BC Peace region and Pine Pass," reads the warning from Environment Canada.

"The cold air combined with light winds is producing wind chill values below minus 40 this morning. The wind chill values will rise slightly to near minus 35 this afternoon but will lower again to minus 40 to minus 45 tonight". 

Those aren't the only areas in BC expected to receive colder than normal temperatures. Check out the map from Environment Canada below that shows where in the province they have issued cold weather alerts. As you can see, many regions are highlighted in different parts of BC. 

Via Environment Canada

In the Fraser Valley, Whistler and Howe Sound (including Whistler and Squamish) region near Metro Vancouver will be affected by the arctic outflow which has prompted a special weather warning from Environment Canada. The central part of the Fraser Valley, including Chilliwack, east side, including Hope, and west side, including Abbotsford, are all affected.  

"An arctic ridge of high pressure over the BC Interior is forcing strong outflow winds through coastal inlets from the North Coast to Howe Sound and the lower Fraser Valley," reads the warning from Environment Canada. "Be prepared for unusually cold temperatures and strong winds". 

According to the forecast from Environment Canada, the Fraser Valley will be getting wind chill near -20°C today and -23°C overnight. There is even a risk of frostbite, warns Environment Canada in their weather forecast

Some Whistler Blackcomb ski mountain lifts even had to be shut down today due to the cold temperatures. So today might not be the best day to hit the slopes at Whistler if you were planning to go skiing. 

So when will this bitter arctic outflow end and warmer temperatures make a return to the Fraser Valley and Howe Sound area? "The bitterly cold conditions will persist through Tuesday but should improve by Wednesday," reads the warning from Environment Canada

Vancouver is also experiencing colder than normal temperatures. Environment Canada issued a special weather warning for the city yesterday on February 3, saying that temperatures could be five to 10 degrees below the seasonal average, meaning it was the coldest weather Vancouver had seen all winter season. 

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