When you think of winning the lottery and whisking your special someone out to dinner, what place comes to mind? Perhaps a fancy steakhouse where you can routeinely spot celelbs? Maybe at a restaurant on top of a lookout with a fantastic view of the mountians? For one BC lottery winner, the answer is IHOP, of course.

Kevin Bradley from Port Coquitlam, B.C. told his wife that their life was never going to be the same while they were out at IHOP.

 “I waited a few days before telling [my wife] at an IHOP,” according to the BCLC press released.

“She’s pretty busy with her work and has a lot on the go. So we decided to go to IHOP and I told her then … She thought I was kidding, but I told her ‘no, I’ve got the ticket at home.’”

Bradley will now get $1000 a week for 25 years since he won the Set for Life prize.

Rigth now, he works for a Lower Mainland municipality doing graveyard shifts cleaning pools and taking care of ice rinks. He's been doing it for the past 30 years.

Soon, he's probably going to quit his job and we don't blame him. “Admittedly, I already had retirement on my mind, but winning Set for Life certainly solidifies it now," he said in the press release.

Kevin Bradley’s graveyard shifts spent cleaning pools and maintaining ice rinks are certainly numbered after scratching his way to a Set for Life prize of $1,000 a week for 25 years. ” says Bradley, who has worked for a Lower Mainland municipality for the past 30 years. 

Now, Bradley hopes to spend time helping his kids and "maybe get in a bit of travel as well."

In the BCLC press release, Bradley said that most of his family already knows about his good luck. He's going save the news as a "bit of a Christmas surprise" for one of his daughters who lives in Toronto.

Imagine getting one of those giant cheques with your name on it.

They're so comically large that it reminds me of that episode of The Office where Michael Scott wants to donate money to "science" to fund rabies research.

Just in 2019, Set for Life and Scratch & Win prizes have totaled  over $178 million. That's a lot of cash for winners who live in B.C.

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