Warning: this article contains graphic content that may not be suitable for some readers, including violence. 

A terrifying incident was recently caught on video that shows a man being brutally assaulted on the street in BC. The incident allegedly took place yesterday on April 7th, 2019 in the parking lot of a Tim Hortons. Since the video was posted online, many people have been commenting about how dangerous this BC city has been getting. 

A Maple Ridge resident witnessed the brutal assault. The onlooker posted the video to social media as a public statement to showcase how dangerous the city is getting. 

The video was posted yesterday to Reddit. According to the user, the assault took place at in a Tim Hortons parking lot on 224th Street in Maple Ridge. The Reddit post says that the people in the video who assaulted the man proceeded to chase him down an alleyway close by.

The footage shows three people approaching one other person. It is clear that they are having a confrontation. In the last second of the video, a person dressed in a black jersey punches another guy on the side of the head, who then immediately falls to the ground. When his head hits the concrete, you can even hear it through the video. 

You can watch the full video on Reddit

The Reddit user has been active in answering questions from fellow commentators. He stated that while he did not call police immediately due to being chased, he has shown sent the video to cops in hopes of bringing the people responsible to justice. Eventually, cops were called to the scene, however, no one has been caught as of yet. 

According to Reefit420, he stuck around long enough for police to come and file a formal report. He also saw the guy who got sucker punched be carried away by an ambulance. 

Reddit user Reefit420 also stated that Maple Ridge has become more and more dangerous and people are agreeing. Since the video has been posted, many people have been commenting about the safety of Maple Ridge. According to many users, things like this are not uncommon in the area and it has only gotten worse as time goes on. 

Many people have been sharing their own dangerous experiences in the comment section. A large majority of the commenters equate the scary and reckless behavior that goes on in the city to drug use. 

As of publishing time, the video has over 90 comments and is 90% upvoted by Reddit users. 

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