Students at a BC university have been furious with the way the school has been dealing with snowstorms this winter season. The university did not cancelled classes during several different snow days this winter, and it has caused major backlash from students and staff. Today, Simon Fraser University in Metro Vancouver has cancelled classes because of the snowy weather conditions, but students are outraged because they are saying the announcement comes way too late

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The university made the announcement on their Twitter this morning on Thursday, March 7 around 9 AM and said that all morning classes would be cancelled because of the snowy weather conditions. They added that road conditions to the campus were poor. 

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The university said that all classes that started before 12 PM had been cancelled for the day, but there was no word on afternoon classes yet. However, many classes start at 8 or 9 AM, which means many students already were stuck on campus or had already begun the commute to their classes. 

Check out the tweets that SFU posted on Twitter announcing the class cancellation below. 

The announcement from SFU asks students who are already on campus to stay put and to wait for road conditions to improve. In other words, students are now trapped on the campus. 

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SFU is located on Burnaby Mountain, and due to the relatively higher elevation, the area usually receives more snowfall than other parts of Metro Vancouver. Many students do not feel safe driving or commuting to the campus when the weather conditions are snowy. 

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Students are now furious over this delayed announcement. They say it comes way too late, and several people are even saying that they're already stuck because they commuted to school since no announcement came that their classes were cancelled, until it was too late. 

Check out what students had to say below in response to SFU's snow day announcement. 

Many people are already stuck on campus due to the late announcement. 

SFU will announce later this morning on their Twitter whether classes in the afternoon that start at 12 PM or later will be canceled.

However, many students are already furious that they had to make the commute to school only to find out that classes were cancelled and that they were now stuck on campus. 

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