In B.C., the Alaska Loophole lets Americans drive through the province to get to their most northern state — but you need to drive pretty much straight through and stop only for essentials.

According to police, one family was recently kicked out after it was clear they were ready to play tourist in Vancouver.

They did have a local hotel booked.

BC RCMP spokesperson Dawn Roberts

After the car with an Alaskan license plate came into Canada on August 25 but didn't end up going to Washington like they said they would, a call went out to find them a few days later.

B.C.’s Ministry of Public Safety confirmed to CTV News that they were found on Granville Street in Vancouver — it's not necessary to go to the city if you're driving through the province to get to the states.

Three agencies working together decided that they'd definitely been in the country longer than was necessary. Each member of the group was fined $500 and they were escorted to the border on August 29.

Via CTV News
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