Rowdy restaurants full of the hum of the Canucks game or the beat of a DJ will be quiet now that B.C.'s COVID-19 rules include turning the volume down.

On Tuesday, September 8, B.C.'s Provincial Health Officer updated her orders for places that serve food and drinks — then on September 20, the province announced that they're backing them up with fines.

Background music or other background sounds, such as from televisions, must be no louder than the volume of normal conversation.

PHO Order

Among the orders, nightclubs and banquet halls have to close, liquor sales have to stop at 10 p.m., and there can be no loud music.

The fine for violating public health orders like this one is $2000.

The hope is that this will help people to avoid "having to
speak loudly, shout, or have close contact" due to background noise, said Dr. Henry.



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