We finally found the fabled white whale and turns out he's been chilling off the province's coast this whole time. B.C.'s white orca is one of a tiny handful seen in the area in the past hundred years. And recently it's been living its best life treating whale watchers with the occasional cameo.

Killer whale researcher with Fisheries and Oceans Canada, Dr. Jared Towers, told Narcity that the orca, named Tl'uk, is doing just fine. He shared an adorable video with us, which you can see here.

Born in 2018, Tl'uk can be seen swimming off the coast of Vancouver Island.

"It's healthy," he said, "and it travels with its mom and the rest of its family," who are all normal coloured.

His condition is so rare, he's only one of four or five similarly-coloured orcas seen off Canada's west coast in the last hundred years, said Towers.

"It's the only one currently alive that spends its time in Western Canadian waters," he continued.

Tl'uk is a transient killer whale, living in a huge range of waters. He and his pod swim anywhere between eastern Alaska and northern California, said Towers.

However, they can most often be found hanging around Vancouver Island, particularly interior waters like the Strait of Georgia or the Johnstone Strait.

No one can say for sure what gives him his all-white appearance, but Towers said the rare condition of leucism is a likely contender.

Leucism is a large group of conditions that causes a partial or complete loss of colour in a wide range of animals, he continued.

While it might be tempting to try and see Tl'uk for yourself, Tower warns that you should keep your distance.

"We really do need to give them a lot of space so they can socialize and hunt," he said.

It's also illegal to sail your ship closer than 400 metres to an orca in southern B.C. without a special permit, and 200 metres in other Canadian Pacific waters.

So in case you see an all-white whale off the west coast, you're probably not hallucinating. Just remember that Tl'uk needs his space to keep as happy and healthy as a whale can be.

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