On such a sunny afternoon, you may be planning a nice hike on the North Shore. If that's the case, please act more cautiously than usual as there happens to be a black bear on the loose. Earlier this morning a man was chased on the Capilano Pacific Trail. He only received minor injuries while escaping, but the fire department has urged anyone out on the trails to be extra wary today.

With all of this in mind, it makes sense to avoid Capilano River Regional Park until further notice by the proper authorities. The bear was reported to be the size of a large dog, acting more aggressive than general sightings. Three other black bears were spotted in the last 24 hours in the area. Officials say this time of year is common for bear encounters, but there may be higher levels of aggression in the last few cases.

To help prevent this danger, it is imperative that hikers properly dispose of garbage and make noise while on the trails. Currently a search for the bear is taking place, but only to monitor its behaviour to see if its acting strange. The man allegedly attacked this morning is in care, but doctors describe the wounds as self-inflicted from slipping and falling while the bear ran after him.

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