With the province on the edge of reopening and locals starting to expand their social bubbles, many people have one question in mind: Can I date in B.C.? The inquiry caused the provincial health officer to chuckle in her most recent update, but the answer seems clear. Yes you can date again, but be careful doing it!

In her daily update on Tuesday, May 12, Provincial Health Officer Dr. Bonnie Henry gave some relationship tips and advice, for anybody who is dating during the pandemic.

"If you are going to start a relationship with somebody, this is not the time to do rapid, serial dating, okay?" she said. "So pick somebody, see if it works, and then take your time."

As long as we're careful, Dr. Henry confirmed that we can start dating again.

"We can do that. We have to do that. We're social people, we need that," she said. "But let's do it in small, thoughtful ways."

In particular, she said to watch out for our own health, and not to meet others when we're feeling "under the weather."

Henry reflected that someone in her life said "going out to the park and sitting at a distance and having picnics, those are the new romantic things people are doing."

"That's an okay thing too," she added.

In response to a question about whether COVID-19 could be spread through kissing, Henry admitted that it could be one way of passing on the virus.

As people start expanding their social bubbles, Henry also warned that we should be careful not to become too social with new partners over the next couple of weeks.

This means that we shouldn't introduce any new beaus to our friends and family just yet, since that would increase the risk of potential spreading even further.

If you're going out, at least keep up with your handwashing game, Dr. Henry said.

"I'm laughing a little bit because I'm thinking of some of the young people in my life who are concerned about missing some of the occasions that they might meet others," she explained.

As people start moving out of online dating and chatrooms, Henry is urging people to stay careful.

However, the transition into IRL meet-ups is okay again, for now.

Happy dating, B.C.!

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