Nearly all Canadians have a soft spot when it comes to adorable dogs that you spot in the street, so much so that even fugitives who are on the run from police couldn't help but to stop and admire one of the furry friends. On Tuesday, two Canadian fugitives dog adoration got them in trouble. The men were found by RCMP after both fugitives stopped to admire an off-duty officer's furry friend. Both fugitives are now in police custody. 

According to the RCMP, James Lee Busch and Zachary Armitage managed to escape from William Head Institutions in Victoria B.C. on July 7, 2019, at around 6:45 PM. The two fugitives, who were wanted for being unlawfully at large,  managed to avoid police for over 48 hours before they were located by an off-duty officer. 

RCMP report that the two fugitives were located on July 9 at around 8:00 PM after an off duty RCMP officer spotted the two men and alerted police. However, according to CTV, the two inmates weren't spotted until they made a comment on the officer's dog.

Const. Nancy Saggar stated that the two inmates were walking along the same path as the off-duty officer when they mentioned the officer's dog, it was only at this point that the officer was able to take a closer look at the two men and recognize them as the missing fugitives, before contacting police.  

RCMP state that the Victoria Police Department were quick to make the arrest and both fugitives have been turned over to the West Shore RCMP. 

According to CTV, Bush is serving a sentence for second-degree murder and assault, while Armitage is serving a fourteen-year sentence for robbery and aggravated assault.  

Both prisoners were serving their sentence in William Head Institutions, a unique facility that is modeled as a residential area where inmates are allowed to live with little monitoring. 

This facility is considered to be the first of it's kind in Canada. 

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