Fair warning, this video and story is incredibly inspiring and we strongly suggest grabbing a box of tissues before continuing. Recently, a Canadian hockey player returned to the ice after experiencing a heart attack. Due to complications, his leg was amputated and given a prostatic leg and now, he is back on the ice. Since the player posted the video, everyone has been commenting on how much of an inspiration he is to their lives as well as the hockey community. 

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Craig Cunningham, a Trail, British Columbia native, abruptly ended his hockey career on November 19th, 2016. This former Vancouver Giants player and widely known Canadian hockey star collapsed on the ice just before a game against the Manitoba Moose in Tucson, Arizona. The collapse was due to a sudden cardiac arrest. 

This intense cardiac arrest caused Cunningham’s heart to stop beating. For a staggering 85 minutes, continual CPR was administered. Both on ice medical staff and staff from the Tucson hospital were able to save the life of the then 26-year-old. 

Although his life was saved, Cunningham’s struggles did not stop there. After developing an infection due to circulation problems from the cardiac arrest, Cunningham’s lower leg needed to be amputated on December 24th, 2016, just one day before Christmas. 

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Thanks to the @sdgullsahl for the ice time, only 365 days till next season 👻

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Following the surgery in 2016, it as reported on widely that Cunningham made an extraordinary recovery. But the long road to recovery is looking up for the former hockey star. Cunningham recently posted a video of himself on his Instagram skating around the rink with his prosthetic leg and it's truly incredible. 

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Along with the inspirational video, Cunningham takes a closeup shot of the skate he uses for his leg. Accompanied by the video and picture, Cunningham states that he is now patiently waiting 365 days until next season! With a clear love for the sport, it looks as though Cunningham is doing everything in his power to stay on the ice. 

@craig.cunningham14embedded via  

Since the video was posted, words of encouragement and inspiration have flooded the Instagram post. It seems as though everyone within the hockey community and otherwise is proud of Cunningham for not only making a recovery but facing his challenges head-on. Others have been posting comments about how strong his skating skills are regardless of being off the ice with an injury. 

Via Screen Grab | Instagram.com

Via Screen Grab | Instagram.com

By the looks of Cunningham's Instagram, it looks like this injury hasn't stopped him from doing much. Many of his posts show him going to the gym, biking, and golfing. It seems as though taking back to the ice was always on his mind. 

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As of publishing time, the video has been published for 20 hours and already has 9,400 likes and over 400 comments. 

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