If you've been surfing the internet today and you're Canadian, chances are you've heard of the "Corpse Flower" otherwise known as "Titan arum". Canadians are going crazy over the super rare and super smelly plant that is currently blooming in Vancouver, BC

The incredibly rare tropical flower takes seven to ten years to bloom, and today Vancouver's Bloedel Conservatory invited Canadians to come down to celebrate (and smell) the flower that is finally blooming.

The only issue? It smells like rotting flesh. Some even claim that it smells like hot garbage, rotten meat and discarded diapers. It's seriously disgusting, but the odour is actually used to attract pollinators to the plant. 

Oh, and the kicker? People are trying their best to smile through the pain while they take selfies with the disgusting flower. Vancouverites have been waiting in lines in the hot sun all day just to get a whiff of the smelly plant.

We can't believe that Canadians waited for hours in line only to stand beside a tropical flower that smells literally like cr*p just so they can get a selfie. That's serious commitment to your Instagram game.

We have to admit, it's a really rare thing to see and not many people can say that they've seen a Corpse Flower in bloom!

Here are some selfies from the event.

In this photo, @miawgordon writes "Trying my best not to cry from the smell of the corpse flower, which has appropriately been named Uncle Fester. I would describe the smell as rotten food but you can come check it out for yourself. You better hurry though, it is only likely in bloom until tomorrow. "


Instagram user @jamesbod91 says that the Corpse Flower "smells like rotten meat". According to James, it smells this way to attract flies to pollinate the plant itself.

These three waited in the hot sun for two hours just to catch a whiff of the smelly Corpse Flower.

@loving_my_life.72 said, "We can now check off smelling rotting flesh and seeing this unique plant on our Once In A Lifetime adventures."

There you have it. If it's trendy and #Instagramworthy, Canadians will take a selfie with it (even if it smells like hot garbage). ๐Ÿ˜‰

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