Hot dogs are a classic summer food and are found everywhere from backyard BBQs to street vendors and festivals. But that's not quite what was being served up at a Vancouver festival. 

In an interesting take on the food, one booth at the Car Free Day Festival was serving up unfiltered hot dog water and the price is insane. 

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The appropriately named Hot Dog Water booth was selling sleek glass bottles of the water with a hot dog in them for a whopping $38. The craziest part is that they were promoting the drink as being super healthy for people. 

According to a sign at the booth, the hot dog water is keto friendly and somehow the drink will help people lose weight, increase brain function, and look and feel younger.  

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What is crazy is that people were actually buying into it. The booth had apparently gone through gallons of the drink. People were actually spending almost $40 to drink literal hot dog water. 

There was a catch to all this though. The owner of the booth is actually an artist and did the whole hot dog water stunt to make a statement about false advertising and consumer awareness when it comes to how so many foods and products are marketed as healthy and with all these benefits to be. 

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The Car Free Day festival is an annual event that rotates through different major streets in Vancouver neighbourhoods. It began on June 16th and ends on July 8th. 

Source: NY Post 

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