There are some big changes coming to the public transit system in Vancouver this summer that will affect all transit riders. From new security systems to price increases, we have all the information you need on all the changes coming to Translink this summer to make sure your next transit ride a breeze. 

Starting in the next couple of months, TransLink BC will be implementing and adding new systems in order to better your public transportation experience. 

In an email sent by TransLink to Narcity, the company stated that they will be installing over 50 state-of-the-art touch screen kiosks. These kiosks will be installed on the SkyTrain station of the Expo Line and Millennium Line, West Coast Express stations, SeaBus terminals, Park and Ride locations, and bus loops. 

According to TransLink, these kiosks can be used by regular transit takers and newcomers in order to plan trips, view live transit schedules and see departure times and general notifications. These screens could also be beneficial should there be a widespread emergency. 

This large installation process will come at no cost to TransLink as it is all covered by their advertising contractor Lamar. Kiosk rollout will begin in the next coming months and will last into next year.

Along with the kiosks, new real-time digital signage will be installed. This will include 140 new “next train” signs to replace the existing ones as well as 140 new information signs outside SkyTrain entrances.

Commuters will also benefit from new sound in the station and on the trains. Around 1,000 new speakers along the Millennium Line all be added as well as 320 speakers in stairs and designated entrances. 

In order to heighten security, 1,200 CCTV platform cameras will be installed. 

The general improvements are not the only thing changing this summer. Fare rates are also set to increase in the next coming months.

According to the TransLink website, fare changes happen annually and will take place this year on July 1, 2019. During this time, fares will increase by five to 10 cents for single-use fares, 25 cents for Day Passes, and $2 to $3 for monthly passes.

The website states that these fare increases are helping to fund “the biggest transportation expansion in the region’s history.” 

This will include the construction of new transit lines, an 8% increase in bus services to eliminate overcrowding, as well as general improvements to sidewalks and bike paths. 

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