Over the past several months, climate change protests have taken over Canada's city streets. From coast to coast, hundreds of thousands of Canadians have participated in demonstrations and rallies, demanding climate action from our government. Hot on the heels of a Greta Thunberg-led march in October, another four straight days of climate strikes in Vancouver are about to begin.

Vancouver's Extinction Rebellion activists are making it clear that just because Greta Thunberg isn't here to participate, doesn’t mean the strikes are going to stop.

The four-day protest begins on Tuesday, November 12. It will have different demonstrations scheduled throughout the week at various times.  

According to the Extinction Rebellion UBC page, students will be coming together to show that they “will not stand by as it [university] invests in industries detrimental to our present and future world.”

Extinction Rebellion has been behind a number of non-violent protests in Vancouver, including the recent bridge takeover during which several activists were arrested. They also staged the snake march through downtown Vancouver during rush hour in October. Now, they have set their sights on the UBC campus. 

According to the Facebook event page, protests are scheduled every day from noon to 1 p.m. until Friday, November 15  at  the AMS Student Nest on campus. During the events, there will be a massive “die-in” demonstration.

The group's event description states that they will be urging the University of British Columbia to stop investing in industries that are detrimental to the world’s future. 

They are encouraging everyone to come out and join the "week of action” as it demands UBC to "divest from fossil fuel companies."

The Vancouver Sun reports that the group's week of action is in response to the UBC Board of Governors meeting in December to discuss investment strategy. 

The event pages stated that UBC invests over $120 million in fossil fuel companies annually. “These investments play an active role in worsening our future, and directly increase the chance of human extinction,” writes the Extinction Rebellion post.


Narcity will be reaching out to UBC for their response to the protests and claims made by the Extinction Rebellion group.

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