Now that we're officially in the dog days of summer, it's time to do something fun with your weekend!

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Good news for Canadians located on the west coast, this weekend there will be a cure for your boredom and you can even bring your dog! That's because this Sunday, August 12, Hastings Racecourse and Casino will be hosting their Corgi Races!

That's right! It's basically the same as horse racing, only with sweet little dogs instead! Of course, like any race track, you can make money off watching these guys run, but you can also laugh at the hilarity that is a corgi running.

In case you needed proof of how hilarious corgis are when they're running, here is a video for you to understand my point.

Because corgis have such small legs, they tend to hop and wobble when they run, making it 10 times cuter than any other breed.

Plus, this news gets better if you have a corgi of your own, because not only can you watch the race, you can actually enter if you're a corgi owner!

@mutleys_bandanasembedded via

The Vancouver racetrack will give the top dog $500 plus a Doggy Prize Pack. Enjoy the food trucks, craft beer, live music, and the most adorable puppies all during your day at the races!

@leena_theloafnuggetembedded via

Not only can you bring home the bacon, you can also thank your racing dog with a brand new chew toy after the earnings they win you!

Think of it as a side hustle and more exercise for your pooch. No matter what, it's a win-win situation.

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