A tragic incident has to lead to a serious fine for one Vancouver film company. On Thursday, May 7, WorkSafeBC announced that they were fining a production company involved in the making of Deadpool 2. Apparently, the film set violated a number of safety standards, which resulted in the accidental death of a stunt woman.  

The announcement was made on WorkSafeBC's official website. The organization is in charge of "engaging workers and employers" to prevent injury, disease, and disability in B.C. 

They said that they're imposing a fine of $289,562.63 on the production company TCF Vancouver Productions Ltd., related to the death of a stunt performer.

This stunt performer died on the Vancouver set of Deadpool 2 in August 2017, as mentioned in the release. 

The production company is now being listed as permanently closed, thus Narcity could not reach out to them for comment. 

WorkSafeBC had said back in 2017 that the stunt performer was thrown out of a motorcycle she was operating and then crashed into a window of the building. 

Her injuries turned out to be fatal. 

Nearly three years later, a number of violations have been identified by the government organization. 

The first violation was that the production company apparently failed to identify the hazards and risks of the work and did not carry out adequate supervision. 

Secondly, TCF reportedly failed to ensure that the stuntwoman was wearing proper headgear while driving the motorcycle

The third violation was related to failing to ensure the safety and health of the stunt performer by not providing adequate supervision. 

The fourth violation identified was about failing to provide the stunt double with a "new worker orientation."

Finally, the fifth violation was about not instructing the stunt double to wear safety headgear while operating the motorcycle.

The amount of the penalty has been determined by looking at the size of the production company's payroll, the nature of the violations, and the employer's history of violations. 

In the initial investigation report released back in 2017, the stuntwoman was identified as Sequana Joi Cooke Harris. 

Vancouver Police Department was also on the Deadpool 2 set following the investigation, but they found that a criminal investigation was not needed in this case. 

Harris was apparently a new worker for the Deadpool 2 set, and she was specifically hired to ride the motorcycle. 

WorkSafeBC concluded by saying that they offer compensation and support to people in their "recovery, rehabilitation, and safe return to work." 

So far, they represent about 2.4 million workers and 245,000 employers across B.C. 

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