Police dished out some pretty hefty fines after catching the same guy twice in 10 minutes for distracted driving in B.C. 

According to a police release from Whistler RCMP, they spotted a driver on his cell phone while conducting a road safety check on Highway 99. 

The driver was pulled over and issued a ticket for the use of an electronic device while driving. The cop also explained the ticket to the driver to make sure he understood the offence. 

Ten minutes later, the same vehicle was headed in the opposite direction on the highway, with the driver once again using his phone.

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Fines issued

In addition to the fines, the driver was given eight points on his license. 

It doesn't end there.

"The driver will have to pay a driver penalty point premium for any points over three in a 12 month period which, at minimum, would be an additional $331 dollars," said the police release. 

Apparently, ICBC is at liberty to charge him a $533 penalty, too. 

"ICBC and police are reminding motorists that on average 76 people die every year in crashes where distracted driving is a contributing factor," urged the police release. 

Stay safe out there, folks. 

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