A large amount of money will soon be put towards stopping gun and gang-related violence. In order to ensure public safety, the Government of Canada will be investing $5.3 million that will be put towards keeping guns and gangs out of BC communities. 

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In order to take action against gun and gang violence in BC communities, there will be a heavy investment of $5.3 million. This investment was announced earlier today by the Minister of Border Security and Organized Crime Reduction, the Honourable Bill Blair. 

This $5,300,169 will go towards projects in BC aimed at changing efforts to understand, prevent, disrupt, and combat gun and gang violence. This funding will be available to the province over two year period. 

According to the Government of Canada, the $5.3 million will go towards tactics to prevent and intervene in local gang activity. This will include community consultation, target training, and development of Indigenous gun and gang violence prevention tools. 

“The highest priority for any government is the safety of its citizens. We keep Canadians safe in their homes and neighbourhoods; not only by understanding gun and gang violence, but also through prevention methods. The Government of Canada is taking strict action to help prevent violent crimes. This investment will identify priority communities and support the efforts of local community groups and police forces to prevent and combat gun and gang-related violence,” said Blair. 

According to the Government of Canada, shootings have become the most common method of homicide, surpassing homicide by stabbings and beatings. In 2016 alone, there were 141 gang-ranted homicides, 45 more than the year prior. Since 2013, gang-related homicide in Canada has doubled. 

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BC has a strong history of gang and gun violence. Earlier this year, a Vancouver man was wanted on a Canada-wide search warrant for attempted murder and first-degree murder. 

This man was wanted in relation to the public display of gun and gang violence that took the life of a famous gang member, Jonathan Bacon. Bacon was killed in front of the Delta Grand Hotel in Kelowna, BC back in 2011 due to a gunshot wound.  

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Public officials in Vancouver have also noticed gang violence within the province. In an attempt to crack down on gangs, the city of Vancouver has attempted to make it more difficult to launder money within the province. Since then, a public inquiry has been called.  

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