Correction: An earlier version of this article misrepresented Gregory Woodman's location. It has been updated with accurate information. 

Donald Trump is extremely active on Twitter. It’s hard not to watch Trump and his daily musings when he puts them all over social media, regardless if you're located in the U.S. or elsewhere. A Portland man saw Trump's active Twitter feed and decided to capitalize on it by making a poetry book of Donald Trump’s tweets. The book is expansive and you have to applaud the entrepreneurial mindset. 

Gregory Woodman and his business partner Ian Pratt created the unique poetry collection. 

According to their single-book publishing company, Golden Goose Publishing, Collected Poems of Donald J. Trump is a book made up entirely of the current president's tweets.

Woodman told The Columbian that he and Pratt are capitalists who are trying to make money off this project. 

According to Woodman, the book has seen huge success since it was released right before Christmas. 

So far, 1,000 copies have been sold at $39 each and that does not include shipping. Each book is hardcover and looks both official and classic. 

"Combining the measured contentiousness of Thoreau, the terse poignancy of Hemingway, and the incisive social commentary of Ta-Nehisi Coates and Toni Morrison, Donald J. Trump has emerged as one of the leading poets of his generation,” says the book's webpage.

Complete with illustrations, each tweet is set up in a poetic manner. There is even a nice silk ribbon in the spine of the book for you to use as a bookmark. 

One of the most unique aspects of the entire thing is that Woodman sprays each book with Trump’s signature cologne: “Success.”

Woodman told The Columbian that “It’s the strongest, most long-lasting scent of all.”

In an interview, Woodman told The Columbian that this book was "a case study of what it means to be human in 2020" and that anyone can interpret it.

All published tweets are from before and during Trump’s presidency and have been designed to mimic poet E.E. Cummings. 

In order to select the best tweets for the book, Woodman perused a searchable database called TrumpTwitterArchive. 

So far, there are over 44,372 tweets to be read within the database. 

Woodman is unsure if Trump knows about the book but he is convinced that he would like it as they are all his own words. 

"Everybody’s going to find something hilarious, something interesting, something horrifying in it. It’s balancing on the knife’s edge,” said Woodman to The Columbian. 

The book, which is made entirely in the U.S., is available online through Woodman’s website. 

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