Comfy, spacious, high-tech transit buses are coming to the Vancouver area very soon. The highly anticipated double-decker buses will be on Metro Vancouver roads this October and you are going to love them. We’ve also got the scoop on the routes and a couple of extra lavish perks.

TransLink BC announced the official introduction of their brand new double-decker buses earlier this month after a successful pilot project.

We spoke to Lida Paslar, TransLink Spokesperson, to get the details on this exciting new BC transit development. Paslar told us that 32 double-deckers have arrived in Metro Vancouver and are ready for operation come October. Also, 25 more are set to arrive in Vancouver in the fall of 2020.

As for the routes, “the first of the 32 double-deckers will be on the 301 and the 621,” Paslar told Narcity. The 310 connects Richmond to Surrey and the 620 connects Bridgeport Station on the Canada Line to Twassen ferry terminals. Come January 2020, they will also have the 555 "which services Burnaby, Langely, and Coquitlam.” Paslar explained that even more routes will be introduced when the next fleet arrives in fall, 2020.

As for extra additions, Paslar shared that there are tons of customer amenities including an amazing, panoramic view from up top, UBS charging ports, and a camera in the top with a screen at the bottom so you don’t have to climb the stairs to see if it’s full up there.

“You see these double-deckers all over the world, so we’re excited to bring them to Metro Vancouver,” she told us, “these double-deckers have almost double the capacity of our existing highway coaches,” and goodness, are we thankful. If you’re tired of unintentionally stand-spooning with strangers on crowded city buses, you’re in luck. 

Palsar told us that customers are really going to notice a difference when they hop on these new buses. “They’ll notice a more comfortable and less crowded commute.” How blessed are we?

If you’re eager to see the new double-deckers in all their glory, beginning this weekend on Aug. 17, the new buses will be on display at the PNE for you to checkout. So, see you at the PNE then?

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