So far this year, Vancouver has experienced a fall and winter season that is far from normal. Fall and winter have been filled with sunny days and there has barely been intensely cold, snowy or rainy weather that Vancouverites find worth complaining about. 

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Winter is coming though and it's about to make itself known in Vancouver. Environment Canada forecasted this morning that snowfall and rain will be coming to the city as soon as tomorrow, so brace yourself Vancouverites to say goodbye to the sunny skies. 

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Environment Canada updated their weather forecast this morning, and contrary to what the forecast was previously predicting, now snow could come to Vancouver as early as tomorrow! Before, they were forecasting snowfall to start on Saturday, but now it's instead expected to start Friday and continue to Saturday. 

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Environment Canada is now predicting periods of snow and rain on Friday night, December 6th. The snowy and rainy weather will continue into Saturday, December 7th. The mix of snow and rain likely means the city will be filled with slush. 

Via Environment Canada

We can expect the currently sunny skies to dip out of Vancouver skies starting tomorrow and they're not forecasted to come back anytime soon. Environment Canada is predicting rainy weather for the next week until Wednesday, December 12th.  

To find out more about the upcoming weather forecast in Vancouver, you can visit the Environment Canada website

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