Although we hate to be the bearer of bad news, you'll want to make sure you have an umbrella (or two) before you leave the house. And if you were contemplating on investing in a pair of rain or snow boots, now would be an opportune time to follow through on that idea. 

Early this morning, Environment Canada issued several rain and snowfall warnings throughout the province. Most notably, there is a rainfall warning in effect for Vancouver Island, Burnaby, New Westminister, Coquitlam, Maple Ridge, North Vancouver and West Vancouver - as well as snowfall warnings scattering parts of the island and the interior. 

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This is part of a moisture-heavy system that's moving across the province today. Residents can expect heavy rain - up to 120 mm - and Environment Canada is stressing the risk of flash floods and water pooling on roads. Drivers, make sure to be careful as you'll be losing a lot of traction on your daily commute. 

Areas in Northern and Interior BC can also expect to be receiving ample amounts of snowfall. Slocan Lake, the Fraser Valley, Kootenay, Shuswap and surrounding areas have all been plagued with a snowfall warning. Expect on average 30 cm of snowfall to hit during the day; be sure to check your visibility and driving conditions before using your vehicle. 

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The system of rain and snow is expected to last until at least Tuesday morning, but heavy will be continuing through the week. So drive safe, stay warm, and if you're getting paid this Friday - rain boots wouldn't be the worst idea. 

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