It looks like there's a blast of winter weather coming to British Columbia... again. An arctic front is spurring dangerous travel conditions across the province and looks to be bringing a mix of heavy snow, sleet, and freezing rain to different cities. There's a lot of bad weather, so bear with me. 

A winter storm warning is in full effect for the Fraser Valley; residents in the area can expect 20 to 30 cm of snow. The snow also extends to the Coquihalla and the Hope-Princeton Highways, so unless the travel is absolutely required, it's recommended to stay indoors and stay safe. 

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But wait, we're not off the hook yet! Metro Vancouver can expect wet snow and sleet; the downtown area will experience sleet and freezing rain this afternoon. The system will continue into Thursday night with freezing rain being a possibility for Friday. 

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Finally, this mix of heavy snow and formerly warm temperatures have created dangerous avalanche conditions. According to the Weather Network, mountains on the North Shore have been labelled with high avalanche risk; mountains on the Sea to Sky and Whistler have been noted as having considerable risk. Overall, those without high-level avalanche training and backcountry experience are encouraged to stay away from backcountry terrain. 

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