OMG guys! Finally! We can actually Uber everywhere!

According to CBC News, the BC government just announced today that ride-hailing services (ie. Uber and Lyft) will be available throughout the province as of December 2017.

However to protect the Vancouver Taxi Association, there will be certain privileges granted to existing local taxi business, such as the exclusive right to be hired by phone, at a taxi stand, or hailing from the curb.

Ride-hailing services and taxis will require the same safety precautions. All drivers must have a Class 5 license (duh), be 19 years of age, pass a safe driving and criminal record check. Their vehicles must also pass and regularly have inspections.

Though the Vancouver Taxi Association may not totally be so happy about the introduction of Ubers into Vancouver, I'm pretty sure the rest of the city is.

Madeintyo, Tory Lanez, you guys are finally relevant in our city. ❤️

via MakeaGIF

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