It’s happening again, Vancouver. Snow is currently hitting the city and snowfall is expected to continue through the weekend. In fact, there is going to be so much snow, Environment Canada has issued a weather watch for multiple areas around Vancouver. According to the statement, up to 15 cm of snow is expected to hit parts of Vancouver and because of this, messy commutes and transit delays are expected to occur. 

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The snowfall warning was issued by Environment Canada earlier this morning. According to the statement, a number of areas will be impacted by the snowfall including the city of Vancouver including Burnaby and New Westminster, Metro Vancouver’s Northeast including Coquitlam and Maple Ridge, Metro Vancouver’s southeast including Surrey and Langley, Metro Vancouver’s southwest including Richmond and Delta, and the North Shore including West Vancouver and North Vancouver. 

Apparently, no one is exempt for this snow! While snowfall amounts will vary on location, you can expect to see anywhere from five to 15 cm of snow. The heaviest snowfall will be visible this morning with storms tapering off this afternoon. 

Snowfall is anticipated to mix with rain, especially near the water. No surprise. But because of this, travel may be difficult in some locations. At times, visibility can be reduced suddenly and road conditions may become difficult to travel on. 

Via DriveBC

As of now, DriveBC is not reporting on any traffic incidents caused by weather and no horrible road conditions. That being said, web cameras stationed all over the Vancouver area are showing mucky and wet driving conditions. Be extra careful and give yourself distance when drive as the roads may be slippery. 

For those of you travelling within the city limits, expect delays. Weather like this can cause delays among all types of travel including public transit. 

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According to TransLink BC, delays are expected today due to the weather. Expo and Millennium Lines are running consistently, but with reduced frequency due to the need to have staff on transit watching for weather-related problems the on tracks. 

Delays of up to 30 minutes on some routes are already being reported by TransLink, many of which are weather related. 

If it feels like the snow is never ending it’s because it's not! According to YVR Weather Records, this is the 10th day in February Vancouver has seen snow. This is the most amount of snow Vancouver has seen in over a decade! 

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Unfortunately, us adults can't have a snow day. So if you need to travel be sure to give yourself enough time to get to your destination should delays occur. And if you plan on driving, check the DriveBC website before you hit the road. 

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