Burnaby based REVIVER Sport+Entertainment is spearheading a proposal that will turn the eastern end of False Creek, right next to Science World and Creek Side Park, into an Urban Surf Park called CitySurf.

Boasting man-made waves as large as six feet tall for riders from all ages to enjoy and experience what its like to ride the waves in BC!

False Creek has been notoriously known for having issues with pollution from the nearby marinas and the boat traffic in the area. High E-coli levels in the water have also made this location unsafe for swimming as a storm sewer outfall releases raw sewage into the water whenever there is a lot of rain downtown.

photo cred - www.citysurfpark.com

That being said, the proposal for this project includes what they believe will be a great solution to creating safer waters for swimming and surfing in the area. Stagnant waters in the area will be kept in circulation when passing through the wave-making machine. A floating perimeter around the park with porous membranes will also help filter and geo-thermally warm the waters in the area.

The plan for the Surf Park also includes a beach area as well as greenhouse-style restaurants and entertainment facilities. Although the project requires some technology that is not yet available, the company is hoping to have the park built within the 2 to 5 years.

If all goes well, CitySurf would be the first of its kind in Canada and the second in North America.

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