Self-quarantine is a new reality for many Canadians affected by COVID-19, one that can be extra stressful with bills to pay. One restaurant is lightening that load by offering free meals for quarantined people in Vancouver. On top of that, it's also giving big discounts to medical workers.

While restaurants are closing their doors left and right to curb the spread of the novel coronavirus, Bombay Kitchen and Bar is leaving its door wide open to people in need.

"We are trying to help the community in any way we can. Since we have a full kitchen staff, we would rather have them employed and happy than sitting at home not helping anyone," said Harsh Sharma, manager of Bombay Kitchen and Bar to Narcity.

Bombay is offering one free meal per person per household "for the duration of their quarantine," the restaurant told Narcity in a statement.

All you have to do is call them at 604-336-1111 to get yours. Delivery and pickup only, of course.

You won't be required to give out any personal information to get your free meal. Bombay is only asking people for their honesty, through "the use of common sense and not abusing our generosity by only requesting this meal plan if you truly are in quarantine."

With the province in a public health emergency, any helping hand can go a long way for those in need.

On top of their free meals, the restaurant is also giving health care workers a hefty 50% discount on all orders, delivered straight to their home or place of work.

Considering how hard our healthcare professionals have been working, they truly deserve it.

The kitchen also says staff members are "fully trained in how to remain free of the virus as well as techniques to prevent any transmission."

The quarantine meal consists of red lentil daal, rice, and a piece of naan bread.

"The delicious and highly nutritious packed meal will not only provide a hot meal, but hopefully encourage other businesses to offer similar aid to households in need during this crisis," says Bombay Kitchen and Bar.

The pandemic has hit the city's restaurants hard, but it's nice to see some are adapting to those changes with kindness and generosity.

"Karma is a wonderful thing," said Sharma. "We are trying to help the community in any way we can."

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