Canada is full of surreal natural parks that completely take our breath away. We all know that summer is the best time to explore them, but they can be hard to reach if you don't have a car. Luckily for Canadians, accessing all the beautiful national and provincial parks that Canada has to offer just got much easier. A free shuttle bus will take Canadians to National and Provincial parks this summer.

This is definitely a free perk you don't want to miss out on. Parkbus offers shuttle buses from cities across the country to National and Provincial Parks so that the beautiful outdoors is made much more accessible to Canadians. 

The bus service operates in several Canadian cities from coast to coast including Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal, Halifax and Edmonton. 

They take Canadians to gorgeous parks including Bruce Penninsula, Georgian Bay Islands National Park, Joffre Lakes Provincial Park, Mont-Tremblanc and more! 

Although several of their bus routes are paid, there are many free routes you can still take! Parkbus unveiled their first lineup of the 2019 schedule today, and it definitely has us excited for summer! 

So far, Parkbus has already revealed free shuttle bus routes from Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal and Edmonton for the 2019 season. You never know, more routes could be announced as we get closer to summer! 

This year's free bus routes are to Rouge National Urban Park from Toronto, Golden Ears Provincial Park from Vancouver, Elk Island National Park from Edmonton and Parc National de la Yamaska from Montreal. 

The shuttle is completely free but you will need to reserve in advance to guarantee a spot. "The free TD Park Express service will make our treasured wilderness spaces accessible to thousands of first-time visitors," says Parkbus on their website

Some parks may require an entrance fee. 

Parkbus is a non-profit organization. The shuttle bus company was founded nine years ago and has continued to grow in success and popularity ever since.

"Since 2010, Parkbus has helped thousands of Canadians access the great outdoors," says the company on their website. "Whether it's a day trip, a family camping weekend, or a wilderness expedition, Parkbus will get you there!"

So what are you waiting for? Make sure to book a spot on a Parkbus shuttle so you can explore the great Canadian outdoors this summer! To find out more or to make a reservation, you can visit the Parkbus website.  

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