Vancouver may need a brief refresher for what's actually an emergency. According to E-comm, 911 dispatchers saw a 22% spike of calls after a snowstorm hit Metro Vancouver on Sunday, January 12. They recently shared their list of the most non-emergency calls in 2019 and these funny 911 calls are a good refresher of what not to do.

E-Comm has surveyed incoming calls since 2013 for callers that tie up phone lines. According to their website, 2019 arrived with a trend of callers who weren’t in any emergency but had called asking for general information.

“Sometimes, it feels like people may have forgotten that the reason to call 911 is to get help in a life or death situation,” said Chelsea Brent, who answered the worst call listed this year.

“When I’m answering calls that aren’t an emergency, it means I’m not available for someone else who really does need critical help,” said Brent.

Calling 911 when it's not appropriate is bad for the police and for your bank account. According to the CBC, calling the number when it's not necessary in Nova Scotia can run you a fine anywhere between $675 to $5,000.

These were E-Comm's most frivolous 911 calls in 2019:

10. Because a gas station wouldn’t let them use the washroom. 

Vancouver Police rarely send a SWAT team because you don't feel like buying a $1.50 pack of peanuts.

9. To report a broken ATM machine. 

Do you need an ambulance or fire truck for that?

8. To get information about water restrictions.

Why don't you, I don't know, use the internet to find out information like the rest of us?

7. Because police are being ‘too loud’ responding to an emergency and requesting that they should come back in the morning.

You've gotta admire the genius of calling the police on the police.

6. To request police bring a shovel to dig their car out of the snow in front of their house.

Despite their title of "public servant," police aren't actually public-use butlers. 

5. To inquire why traffic was so bad.

You don't need to call the fire department, just scream obscenities in your car like the rest of us.

4. Because they were upset the coin laundry machine didn’t have enough water.

The police don't own and operate every laundromat in the city.

3. To complain their neighbour was vacuuming late at night.

When your neighbour's vacuuming late at night, they're just challenging you to a vacuum-off.

2. To complain the hair salon didn’t style their hair properly.

EMTs are great at giving perms, but they're too busy saving lives to save your look. 

And finally: 1. To complain that their hotel parking spot was too small.

Completely inappropriate. Inform the Prime Minister's office. They should've called the military. Get NATO involved. Get the Space Police involved.

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