It's evident to everyone living in British Columbia, and much to our dismay, that the prices of gas are only continuing to rise in the middle of a rainy and miserable winter. The higher prices of gas, if anything, only give us less of a reason to venture outside our front door.

Well not to be the bearer of bad news, but the gas prices are only set to climb higher. A gas price analyst indicated that the rising prices part of "an unusual January that we rarely see prices move up" if anything he says "they move down"

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How high can these prices get? As of this morning, prices in gas stations around Vancouver could be seen at $1.479 per litre. You can expect them to average $1.44 for the next few weeks (being optimistic) and that prices for February will hopefully drop down to $1.40 per litre.

The analyst indicates that one of the biggest contributing factors is that there simply isn't enough gasoline being produced in the West Coast. According to him, there's only one gas refinery that operates in the Lower Mainland, it simply isn't enough to meet the demands of the city.

Summer could see Vancouverites be subject to even higher prices. Even with a mid-season drop, the change in season could see prices easily push north of $1.50 per litre. So in what can only be regarded as a major buzzkill and trigger point for residents all across BC, we highly recommend you gas wisely, try to carpool and hope for the best.

Source: CBC News

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