Just when you thought it was all over, winter decided to make its presence known in Vancouver once again. A major snowstorm hit the city last week, but after an entire weekend of sunny skies and warmer temperatures, it looked like the brutal winter weather had left. However, it now appears that might not be the case. Get ready Vancouver, snowfall will be hitting the city again this week

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We were really hoping for warmer temperatures to make a permanent comeback in Vancouver, but winter is not done in the city yet. Environment Canada is forecasting snowfall for up to three days this week in the city.  

Environment Canada has issued a special weather warning for Metro Vancouver and the Fraser Valley. "Total snowfall accumulations for western sections of Metro Vancouver will be in the 2 to 5 cm range, while the lower Fraser Valley could see between 5 and 10 cm," reads the alert. 

According to Environment Canada, snowfall will be hitting Metro Vancouver as soon as tomorrow. Snow is predicted for Tuesday, February 19 and potentially Thursday night, February 21 and also Friday, February 22. 

For Friday, the weekend is getting a wet start because the forecast is "cloudy with 60 percent chance of rain showers or flurries" and temperatures will be "low zero." We are not ready for this again, so soon.

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Check out the weather forecast from Environment Canada below for this upcoming week. 

Via Environment Canada

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Winter has not been kind to Vancouver lately. Last week, the city saw the most snow and cold weather it had experienced in over 10 years. Metro Vancouver even got a rare weather warning for freezing rain

Parts of Vancouver even shut down due to the snowstorm. However, it wasn't all a mess. The snowstorm didn't stop many Canadians from living their best lives. Some Canadians went viral for their extreme, hilarious reactions to the snowfall, UBC had a huge campus-wide snowball fight and BC officers even played in the snow with kids

Get ready for another week of cozying up indoors and binge-watching Netflix, Vancouverites! 

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