A group of kids were playing in a park yesterday on March 18, but not with the type of children's toy you would expect. In a shocking report, a group of Canadian kids were actually seen throwing used needles at each other while playing in a park in Saanich, BC. The local police say that the kids were seen playing with the syringes as if they were "like darts". 

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The incident took place in a small town in British Columbia called Saanich on Monday, March 18. The Saanich PD Patrol officers said on their Twitter yesterday that they got a call "of kids playing with used syringes 'like darts' in a park this afternoon." They added that the kids were fortunate to not have been hurt from the incident. 

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According to CBC News, a concerned witness called the patrol officers after they saw the kids playing with used needles in the park yesterday. The police told CBC News that by the time they had arrived on the scene, the kids were no longer touching and playing with the used syringes. 

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Officers have now spoken to both the kids and their parents. The patrol officers have also taken away the needles from the park so that they could be disposed of in the proper manner. 

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This incident has prompted the police to warn the public on how to properly deal with used needles. "Used/found needles can be dropped at a number of locations in the region or you can contact @OutreachSolid for pickup," said the patrol officers in their tweet. 

This is, unfortunately, sometimes an all too common occurrence. "Sometimes discarded needles are found in public areas," says Island Health on their website. They recommend that anyone who is injured by a discarded, used needle "should visit your local emergency department or primary care provider, preferably within 24 hours". 

For more information on what steps to take if you end up getting pricked or hurt by a discarded needle, you can visit Island Health's website

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