Good news, everyone's favourite hiking trail officially reopened today! Bad news, it's closing again soon for seasonal maintenance. Grouse Grind is one of Canada's most iconic hiking trails, located at Grouse Mountain in the North Vancouver area. Make sure you get your Grouse Grind fix before May 22nd. 

Not to worry, though - the closure is only temporary. The Grouse Grind will reopen again for the remainder of the summer season after a few weeks of seasonal maintenance. Safety netting maintenance, tree removal, and repairs to the trail's 2,830 steps are just some of the things that are going to keep Grouse Grind closed for at least a few weeks.

Warmer temperatures and rain have helped clear out a lot of the snow and ice, making it safe enough to reopen to the public before the seasonal repairs start. But, visitors and hikers are warned to use extra caution, as it's still the very start of the warm weather and the terrain may not be completely ideal.

Anyone who's hiked the enormous staircase knows that it can get really chilly at the top, sometimes as much as ten degrees cooler than the bottom. Especially now, one park official warns that dressing in extra layers and proper footwear is essential. Hikers should be prepared for snowy conditions at about 800 metres into the trail. 

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Over 150,000 people hike Grouse Grind every year, so the fact that it's going to be closed at the start of summer is a huge disappointment. But, now's your chance to make the most of it. Grouse Grind is open from 6:15 am to 6 pm daily for the next three weeks. 

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Source: CBC

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