As you may know, earlier this morning, it was announced that a mother from BC was charged with the murder of her seven-year-old daughter, Aaliyah Rosa. Now, we've received more chilling details about the case.

It was just one month ago that the seven-year-old child as found dead in her home. She lived with her mother in an apartment on 68th Avenue. Langley is a city about an hour outside of Vancouver. 

This morning, there were only a few sparse details about the case and what happened to Aaliyah Rose. 

Aaliyah's body was found on the night of July 22nd. The news of her death shook the community. On Monday, August 20th, nearly a month later, her mother Kerryann Lewis was charged with second-degree murder of her daughter Aaliyah Rosa.

Via Google Maps

In addition, Aaliyah's neighbours confirmed to CTV News that they overheard a woman screaming in the apartment complex just mere hours before her daughter was found dead by police. It hasn't been confirmed if the screaming is related to the incident, but it does seem likely.

Officials have not released the cause of the death yet. Law enforcement has stated that they believe Aaliyah's murder is an "isolated incident". 

Source: CTV News


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