Every year since 1962, the Abbotsford Air Show draws crowds of Canadians out east to watch pilots swerve in and out of the clouds in a talented display. Most British Columbians drive out to Abbotsford every August to watch the famous air show. 

It has been deemed one of the World's Top 10 Airshows in 2013. The show is known for the best civilian and military aerobatic performances in the world. 

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This year, there was a terrible accident that has severely injured five people.

The Abbotsford International Air Show began on August 10th and was planned to run until Sunday, August 12th. All weekend long, the aviation festival offers a one of a kind experience for locals to enjoy aviation stunts, performances and allows Canadians to get up close and personal with many of the planes.

However, on Saturday, August 11th, an unexpected crash caused five people to be sent to the hospital. 

According to Jadene Mah, a spokesperson for the Abbotsford Air Show, a 1930's era biplane crashed during take off at the Abbotsford International Airport in BC. Five people were immediately sent to the hospital, one of which was in critical condition. 

The four injured people included the pilot of the plane and four passengers. The crash occurred at 530 PM, shortly after the show had ended. 

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As announced on Twitter, the Abbotsford Air Show will continue today with their schedule as planned. Gates opened this morning at 9 AM and the event ends tonight at 6 PM.

Source: CBC News, Huffington Post Canada

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