Canada's weather has been absolutely insane this winter season. However, it doesn't feel like winter everywhere in Canada right now. It currently feels like spring in BC, while it's still snowing and -50°C in Ontario. Overall, BC's winter has not been like other provinces in Canada. Several provinces like Alberta and Saskatchewan received their first snowfall as early as September. Earlier this month, there were even extreme cold weather warning alerts issued by Environment Canada to eight provinces all on the same day. 

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Several parts of Ontario are receiving extremely cold -50°C temperatures, snow and 50 km/hr winds tonightThe city of Toronto is even shutting down right now due to the intense snowstorm. It's not only today – Ontario and many other parts of Canada have been experiencing harsh winter weather for the past few weeks

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Meanwhile, people on the west coast of the country are enjoying the weather outside. It's safe to say that winter is cancelled in Vancouver, BC. The city is a warm 10°C right now and this afternoon will be mainly sunny, according to The Weather Network. Overall as well, this 2018/2019 winter has been more mild than usual, with barely any snowfall in Vancouver and more days of sun than normal. 

Via Screenshot | The Weather Network

People have been stepping out onto the streets just in spring attire and flowers are even starting to bloom in Vancouver. One person took a photo of the daffodils flowers blooming at popular beach English Bay and captioned it on their Instagram, "Daffodils in January...what winter?" 

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In Victoria on Vancouver Island, cherry blossoms have even started to bloom and it's only January. It looks like spring is coming early to BC this year, but maybe not the rest of Canada. 

Want proof of the spring weather in BC? Check out photos of what it looks like in BC right now. 

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In comparison, this is what Ontario's weather is like right now. When comparing the two provinces, it doesn't even look like they're in the same country. 

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The cherry blossoms blooming in B.C. are even earlier than expected. Usually, in Victoria, the flowers don't start blooming until mid-February at the earliest, according to CTV News. For the rest of the week, The Weather Network forecasts temperatures around 7°C and several sunny days. 

Ontario will continue to experience winter weather this month. A polar vortex is expected to keep the cold winter weather to continue hitting the province until early-February at the earliest. For this week, according to The Weather Network, Toronto can expect freezing temperatures below 0°C, with -17°C in the forecast for Wednesday, January 30. 

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