If you clicked this article then you've probably been waiting for this announcement. When weed is officially legalized, where can I get it and how much can I buy? It's official, marijuana is coming to a retail store near you very, very soon. And I'm not talking about medical marijuana, I'm talking about recreational marijuana that you and I can buy at your local retail store. 

In July 2018, marijuana will officially be legalized in BC. The government just announced that retail stores intended to sell recreational marijuana will be popping up all over the province shortly after. This announcement means that you, your best friend and your mom can all buy a baggy of BC's finest in stores this year.

The newest information on the matter relates to selling and how much you can actually buy. For years, we've been under the impression that government liquor stores would be adding marijuana to their shelves. It's now official that this not be happening, as the government will be opening up brand new stores specifically intended to sell BC bud. Additionally, private stores will also be doing the same. So if you feel like opening up your own weed convenience store, start filling out the applications now. 

Oh, and the best part - you will be able to buy up to 30 grams of recreational marijuana at any designated retail store. If that didn't make your day, then I don't know why you're reading this. 

Source: Castanet, CBC

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