John Cena has been making himself home in Canada lately and Canadians are absolutely loving it. The WWE wrestler and actor is in Vancouver to film his new movie Playing With Fire and has been spotted at several spots across the city. Just last week, the actor praised a Vancouver restaurant for its delicious food and declared it his favourite restaurant in all of Canada. Now, John Cena is at it again and can't stop talking about how much he loves Vancouver, Canada in a new video posted to Instagram

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A new video was posted to Instagram last night on March 3. It showed the WWE star in Chinatown, Vancouver. John Cena talked about Vancouver's Chinatown and calls it "beautiful". He even showed off his Mandarin speaking skills in the whole video – what can he not do? 

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It looks like once again, the actor and wrestler has taken to social media to share some love for Canada. First, it was the food, now it's the places. Check out the full video below that was posted on Instagram of John Cena in Vancouver's Chinatown. 

In the video, John Cena speaks Mandarin the whole way through, showing fans that he learned a thing or two during his time living in Yinchuan, China for several months while he was shooting a movie. 

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He starts off the Instagram video by explaining that he worked today and he is now going to his hotel, which is located near Chinatown in Vancouver. Cena says he saw a lot of Chinese places, restaurants, shops but the most important is the Millenium Gate, which is the entrance to Chinatown. At the end of the video, he calls Chinatown beautiful. 

Check out of some photos of the Millenium Gate and Chinatown in Vancouver that John Cena praises below. 

@pri_belemembedded via  

John Cena has been spotted at different spots around Vancouver lately as he shoots his new comedy Playing with Fire in town. Make sure to keep a lookout for John Cena when you're in the city, especially around Chinatown or his favourite restaurant Joe Fortes, where he has been seen on several different occasions. 

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