Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was spotted in an unexpected place yesterday. Justin Trudeau surprised customers by working behind the counter at a coffee shop and there are even photos for proof. He made a surprise appearance at a local Vancouver cafe yesterday on February 11th.

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Justin Trudeau was spotted at La Forêt Bakery & Coffee, a popular coffee shop located in the Burnaby neighbourhood of Metro Vancouver. Customers were treated to a big surprise when they approached the cafe's counter and saw the Prime Minister working behind the counter on the other side. 

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The cafe, La Forêt Bakery & Coffee, posted several pictures of the Prime Minister's special appearance on their Instagram. They captioned it, "Prime Minister Justin Trudeau visited our shop yesterday. Thanks for supporting small & local businesses". 

Trudeau's government also posted a picture of the encounter on their official Instagram page. "Small businesses like @cafelaforet in #Burnaby are the backbone of our economy, which is why the Liberal government just lowered the tax rate for Canadian small businesses to 9% - one of the lowest in the world," read the caption. 

Check out some photos of his surprise visit at La Forêt in Burnaby, BC.

Based on the photos, Justin Trudeau also took time to take pictures and interact with the Vancouver locals. 

@sohyeon_baesoembedded via  

Many Canadians were freaking out over the Prime Minister's surprise visit in Vancouver. Several people commented their excitement on Instagram posts of the special appearance. 

Via Screenshot | Instagram

It looks like you never know when the Prime Minister might make a surprise visit to your local cafe. Just a few months ago, he was spotted at a Mississauga restaurant and even stole fries from another customer

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