There have been many touching tributes to everyone's favourite Lakers star who passed away suddenly, but a Vancouver apartment building's Kobe Bryant sign was papered over with complaints. Plan A Real Estate Services installed gold and purple "RIP Kobe" signs outside each of their properties after hearing about his passing. One sign outside of a West End apartment had signs taped up to it demanding that the company "fix" their units rather than spend money on signage.

A photo of the sign was posted to Reddit where it quickly went viral, with over 3,000 upvotes.

"Really!!??? Serious!!??" reads the paper sign affixed to the tribute, "Fix our units!! Please. (This signage is not needed. Put our $ to better use!!)"

Anoop Majithia, the owner of Plan A Realty, told Narcity that the signage was not the right place to lodge maintenance concerns.

"It's very disappointing that somebody would think that posting that kind of a comment on a tribute to a great man who's passed away, would be an appropriate way to conduct themselves. It's rather cowardly," he said.

Majithia said to Narcity that he was the one who decided to install the tribute. The signs cost a few hundred dollars to install, and the money came from his own pocket.

He said his company often gets complaints, due to their buildings typically being older. The building in question, 1540 Haro Street, was built in 1952.

He said the company addresses all maintenance concerns as best they can.

However, Sarah Gilbertson, a former tenant at the building who lived there from 2015 to 2016, disagreed.

She revealed to Narcity that her windows wouldn't open, the heating would often cut off, and that the apartment wasn't clean when she moved in even though she was charged a cleaning fee.

"I just remember the building manager talking quite badly about the landlord even to the tenants, just saying that like, they won't give him the go-ahead to do anything," she said.

Majithia responded saying that he's aware of the issues and that his company is in the process of getting them fixed.

"We do everything reasonable to keep a tenant happy," he said. "It does need new windows and we actually ordered new windows. But that process of getting approval from the City of Vancouver, ordering them, installing them, that whole process is eight months to a year."

Majithia said he was aware of the criticism coming from Reddit. 

"I actually read the Reddit post, and I was actually kind of hurt by them a little bit, initially," he said. "A lot of the posts that I read talk about the signage being inappropriate. I don't think it's inappropriate... I think that he stood for a lot of good things there's nothing wrong with that."

"If somebody wants a sign, we'll be taking them down in a week. They're welcome to contact me if they want a free sign," said Majithia.

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