Fair warning, if you don’t like rats or rodents, you will not love this story. A social media user recently posted a photo of a live rat in the cooler at a Vancouver 7-Eleven store. The picture is gross, to say the least, and the Internet is freaking out. 

According to a Reddit user, a thirsty rat was reportedly found in a 7-Eleven store in East Vancouver, British Columbia on Hastings and Lakewood. To document what they saw, the Reddit user took a photo. They also posted it online for everyone to see and people are now freaking out.

In the photo, you can see a rather large rat in the corner of the cooler. It is situated right in between the glass door and a couple of bottles of pop. It’s unclear how long it stayed in the cooler, but it was there nonetheless.

People are obviously freaking out and telling the Reddit user to report the incident to 7-Eleven. According to a comment by the original poster, they did talk to the manager and sent feedback through the 7-Eleven app. 

While the witness told the manager, they claim that the staff member was not very apologetic. 

The user has confirmed that the rat was moving and was very much alive. When one user asked why they didn't open the fridge, the user said that they did not want the rat having access to the main floor. 

Everyone is telling the Reddit user to report the problem to Vancouver Coastal Health, as this is clearly a health infraction. Others are saying this is unsurprising, given the area the 7-Eleven is in. 

Some are saying that this is not the store's problem, but is rather the city's, as rats are everywhere. 

Regardless of the situation, the Internet is horrified. 

This is not the first time a rat has been found in a Vancouver store. Back in December 2018, a dead rat was reportedly found in someone's soup bowl at a popular Vancouver restaurant. Following an inspection of the kitchen, mouse droppings and cockroaches were found everywhere! 

Another incident left a BC woman horrified when she found a live snake in packaged strawberries. I guess things like this can be more common than you think.

Narcity has reached out to 7-Eleven for a comment and we will update this story when we receive a response.

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