Two Vancouver cops have gotten a lot of complaints from citizens and locals want to take immediate action to stop the alleged bullying. Though these claims have yet to be proven in court, there seems to be growing public support for these allegations. 

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The Pivot Legal Society has made a decision to try to report the situation by staging a public complain drafting rally. According to the legal society, they currently have the support of many Vancouver citizens. 

These complaints are currently alleged however, and the police officers have not been formally charged in court for these reported offences so it cannot be said for certain that they are guilty of bullying citizens. What we do know for sure, however, is that public support for the rally appears to be growing. Vancouver is one of the most recent examples of this issue. 

According to the Pivot Legal Society, over 100 posters were voluntarily put up by local residents regarding the complaint drafting rally in just one hour. 

Anna Cooper, a lawyer from the Pivot Legal Society, told News1130, "There have been a number of allegations of violence against specific individuals living in that community". In a tweet, the society said that "almost every person who has been walking by has recognized these two. There seem to be many stories". 

“These two officers are routinely engaging in, at best, harassing and bullying conduct,” Cooper claimed to News1130. “They’re treating people in really intimidating ways.”

People have been responding about this on Twitter already. Check out some of the tweets below: 

The rally will take place in Vancouver next Tuesday, September 25th. It will be in the Downtown Eastside at 60 East Hastings Street from 11 AM to 5 PM. There will be volunteer lawyers there to help with people who want to draft a formal complaint. They are also asking people to come to the rally if they have had negative experiences with the two officers. 

The Pivot Legal Society is a human rights organization that fights for social justice and uses the law as a means for social change. On their organization, the legal society said, "our lawyers fight with those struggling with poverty, addiction, and social exclusion. 

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