Vancouver's streets saw a lot of action this weekend. On Sunday, May 3, groups of people took to the streets to protest against the "lockdown" in B.C. Photos and videos of this anti-lockdown protest in Vancouver have turned up on social media, and they should give you an idea on how massive this particular demonstration turned out to be. 

So-called "lockdown" protestors have already taken to the streets in Toronto and surrounded the Legislature building in Alberta. 

It looks like Vancouver is the latest city to become host to these demonstrators in the downtown core to make their opinions heard. 

The social media posts break down how the protest took place; they also feature extensive shots of the signs being carried around and the chants being sung in unison. 

In an hour-long video posted on Youtube by local politician Laura-Lynn Tyler Thompson, the reasoning behind the protesting is explained further.

Thompson represents the People's Party Of Canada and has campaigned to represent the riding of Red Deer-Lacombe in parliament, as mentioned on the Lacombe website

Thompson begins the video by interviewing a fellow marcher, who reveals that he's "against the lockdown." 

He then explains, "People are starting to starve to death, for one reason. Is that a good reason?" 

At the 46:00 mark of the video, Thompson is also seen interviewing a "homeless fellow", as described in the Twitter clip, who says he wishes for more young children to be involved in the protests.

Some signs that can be spotted in the video read "Freedom is Essential", "No More Media Fraud," and "Trudeau Must Go." 

Thompson's video isn't the only one that's been circulating over social media. Bird's-eye views of the march as well as snaps taken by passers-by have also emerged on social media. 

A series of photos taken at Science World Vancouver also record some of the signs being carried around the protest, including one reading, "Vaccine Mandates Violate Bodily Autonomy."

Though, Dr. Bonnie Henry has confirmed that a possible vaccine for COVID-19 won't be made mandatory to anyone in the province. 

Another post reads, "End the Unlawful Lockdown Now!" It goes to mention that Trudeau is unlawfully colluding with "Vaccination genocider war criminal Gates" to install mass vaccinations in Canada. 

A video is taken from the balcony of one of the residences overlooking the protests. The poster says, "Anti lockdown protest in Vancouver along Quebec St just now. (Note that BC has no lockdown.)." 

Another photo posted on Flickr captures a sign reading, "Make Orwell Fiction Again." This is likely a reference to George Orwell's book 1984, a classic example of dystopian literature. 

On April 27, B.C.'s Health Minister, Adrian Dix, and Dr. Bonnie Henry outlined their five-point plan on reopening the province. 

Whereas Premier John Horgan announced on April 29 that the specific plans regarding reopening are set to be announced this week, as the COVID-19 curve in B.C. has officially flattened. 


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