A California skate and street brand is bringing its sweet clothes to Vancouver and we could not be more excited. Los Angeles Brand RiPnDip will be doing a pop-up store tour, and will be stopping in Vancouver next month! This is the only Canadian city it will be hitting up for its tour. 

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Ripndip is a popular streetwear and skateboarding brand that has its own distinct style. They are doing a West Coast Pop-up Tour, bringing their unique clothes to San Francisco, Portland, Seattle, and Vancouver, according to Retail Insider

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Every weekend in March, RipnDip will hit up a new city on the West Coast before it finishes the tour all the way across the seas in Hong Kong. The apparel company is looking to expand, according to Retail Insider.

They already have over 1,000 stores since they opened just 10 years ago in 2009. This could mean that if the pop-up is successful, maybe they will open a permanent store in Vancouver. Considering how big street and skate style is in Vancouver, we have a feeling that RipnDip would be a huge success. 

Ripndip sells its own line of clothing as well as iconic skater brands like Zumiez and Active Ride Shop. It is also known for its sick and unique logo, the a-meow-sing Lord Nermal the Cat, which pops up on several of their pieces.

They sell all types of apparel, from hoodies to slides, sweatpants, accessories and more. They even carry sports gear like snow goggles. You can check out their full collections on their website

Their clothing honestly looks so sick and perfect for the west coast, skate aesthetic. Check out some photos of pieces from Ripndip below! We low-key want to shop absolutely everything. 

@ripndipembedded via  

The date and location of the Ripndip pop-up in Vancouver has yet to be revealed, so stay tuned for updates! 

Ripndip has already expanded past the American borders and opened up stores in cities like Tokyo, Japan. We're hoping Vancouver could be next! Until then, make sure to head over to their pop-up store event in March and keep browsing the Ripndip website to see which pieces you want to get your hands on. 

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