A new instance of bullying in Canada has been filmed and published online for all to see. The circulating video shows a Mission teen being beaten up on video while a group of students laugh. Following the incident, the victim's injuries were so bad that he was sent to the hospital. 

This article contains graphic content that might not be suitable for some readers. This article includes description of violence. 

According to CTV, a 15-year-old BC teen is dealing with an intense concussion after being severely bullied. The incident took place just one week after a similar attack in Surrey, where a group of teens assaulted a boy. 

The new incident allegedly took place near Mission Secondary School in the Fraser Valley while a group of kids walked back to campus after visiting a strip mall.

The video has been obtained by CTV and can be viewed on their website. 

In the 30-second footage, you can see one boy knocking a piece of pizza out of the victim's hand. The boy then begins to punch the victim several times before knocking him to the ground. When he is knocked to the ground, the victim is kicked repeatedly. 

In the background of the video, you can hear several other teens laughing as the victim lays on the ground defenseless.

Following the attack, the victim suffered a large bump on his forehead and a laceration behind his ear. He was taken to the emergency room where he was diagnosed with a concussion. 

While he was eventually taken to seek medical attention, it wasn’t right away. According to the boy's mother, other students told the principal about the incident at 12:45 PM, however, she wasn’t called by school officials until after 4 PM. 

The victim's father spoke with CTV stating that the entire incident was a “cowardly act.” “He knows the situation. He's surrounded. Why would you want to fight,” said Rusty Townsend. 

A statement was issued by the school saying that officials were investigating and appropriate action was being taken against some students, but that they “will not be sharing that information with the public.” 

According to CTV, the family is hoping to know what the punishment for the other boys is. They would like to see the RCMP recommend assault charges. 

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