According to a report from the province's Attorney General, British Columbia has become a hub of organized crime and the story reads like the script of a movie. 

There's murder, kidnapping, extortion, and at the heart of it is dirty money moving through BC's casinos. 

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The former Liberal government in BC is being blamed for allowing criminals to "clean" their money at the province's casinos. They do this by gambling with dirty money that has been acquired through illegal activities and "laundering" it into clean money. 

And the casinos were aware of it all. They reported $20 million in suspicious transactions in 2015 alone. While there was a task force to investigate the dirty money in casinos, the BC government disbanded it in 2009 despite having received over 200 reports of suspicious and illegal activity. 

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As a result, the entire province, but especially Vancouver, has become a hub of gangster activity. Beyond the horrifying increase in crime in the report also ties the dirty money to BC's opioid crisis and even high real estate prices in the province. 

While some people blame the provincial government, people don't really know who is completely at fault here. 

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Part of the reason this has been allowed to continue for so long in BC's casinos is that despite it being illegal, it is still profitable to the province. 

Source: The Globe and Mail

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