The British Columbia SPCA has announced devastating news as two newborn kittens were found in a dumpster in Vancouver last week. BC SPCA has launched an investigation in hopes to find the person responsible for the death of the two kittens. The kittens were only one-day old when they were discovered in the dumpster. 

According to the SPCA, on April 19, they were alerted to the situation when a passerby heard noises coming from a dumpster that was located in a parking lot on Pacific Street in Vancouver. The SPCA responded to the call immediately and discovered two new-born kittens that were stuffed inside of a plastic bag and placed within the dumpster. 

Both kittens were suffering from hypothermia and dehydration and were immediately transferred to an emergency clinic in attempts to stabilize them. However, the kittens were too weak and sadly passed away. 

Eileen Drever, a senior officer of protection and stakeholders relations for the BC SPCA spoke out about just how tragic this case really was, "This is an absolutely heartbreaking case, where two innocent animals were thrown out like trash to die,". 

Ironically, the SPCA also reports that the plastic bag had the words "Love You" printed on it. 

After this heartbreaking case, the SPCA has launched an investigation to find the person who was responsible for leaving these kittens to die. 

According to the SPCA website, those who commit acts of animal cruelty can receive a fine up to $75,000 and even go to prison for up to two years. 

This isn't the first time that a situation like this has occurred in Canada. In fact, just earlier this month, Narcity reported on a case where three Great Danes and two cats were found in garbage bags on the side of the road in New Brunswick. 

The SPCA had suspected that foul play was involved in that case, as all five animals had previous injuries before they were left on the side of the road. 

The SPCA warns those who are unable to take care of animals to reach out to their local SPCA for help and to never leave an animal stranded to suffer. 

If you have any information on this case you can call the BC SPCA at 1-855-622-7722. 

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