Canada has been brutally cold this winter, with special thanks to the polar vortex. From coast the coast, provinces have been hit with extremely cold weather and snowstorms over the past few months. Now, spring is coming early and it is much-needed. Several areas across Canada will get 20°C temperatures and summer-like weather next week

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The Weather Network says that several provinces in Canada will get "summer-like" weather next week starting on Monday, March 18! Temperatures are even forecasted to reach 20°C for the first time in 2019. Spring hasn't even officially started yet, but summer weather is already expected to hit Canada. 

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So where will this warm weather hit hardest? Western Canada provinces BC, Alberta and Saskatchewan are the lucky recipients of the warmest temperatures in the country. However, Ontario will also see much warmer temperatures than it has in a while. It's even expected to be sunny and 10°C in Toronto next week

"A strong upper ridge builds into western Canada, spilling warmth across the region for early next week," said Weather Network's meteorologist Tyler Hamilton. "An offshore flow will allow temperatures to reach 20°C for the first time in Canada this year."

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Not only will temperatures be warm, but they could even be record-breakingly high. You can expect rising temperatures in western Canada starting this upcoming weekend on Saturday, March 16. 

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Nice, warm temperatures are coming to several regions of British Columbia, Alberta and parts of Saskatchewan. "By Monday and Tuesday the upper ridge will strengthen giving spring-like, and even summer-like, warmth to close out the final days of the winter season," says The Weather Network.

Check out the weather forecast for cities across BC next week below! 

Via The Weather Network

Southern Alberta and southwestern Saskatchewan will also see around 20°C temperatures early next week, according to The Weather Network. For instance, Calgary will experience 17°C weather on Tuesday and Wednesday. It will definitely be a nice change for Calgarians since the city has experienced an extremely cold stretch for several weeks this winter. 

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So when will this summer weather last until in western Canada? It's here to stay for several days next week but may have a temporary break the weekend after. 

"Temperatures look to remain seasonably mild for B.C., Alberta and Saskatchewan through the middle and end of next week though the pattern looks to break down for B.C. at least temporarily that following weekend," adds Kelly Sonnenburg, a Weather Network meteorologist.

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