Just when you thought the Vancouver Aquarium couldn’t get any cuter, they go and do this. According to a video posted on Instagram, the penguins at the Vancouver Aquarium went out for a stroll and visited the other animals. Since the facility is closed, the penguins got full reign of the place, and by the looks of the video, they were very intrigued by their fellow residents. 

The Vancouver Aquarium has some of the cutest animals ever. From their slow-moving sloths to the rambunctious otters, the resident animals are everything you need to brighten up your day. 

While it would be great to visit these cuties, the COVID-19 pandemic has forced the closure of many non-essential businesses. That includes VanAqua. 

But that doesn’t mean there isn’t a party happening in the building right now. 

The Vancouver Aquarium recently posted a video of the resident penguins going around visiting the other animals. 

That’s right. The penguins are acting like cute little guests, and it is just what we needed to see today. 

In the video, you can see several of the penguins watching the sea lions dance around in the water. 

The penguins are obviously engaged, because they can’t help but follow the sea lions as they swim. 

Watching their little heads explore the tank is adorable and you can tell they are so curious about their new friends. 

"One silver lining of the closure is that some of our animals and their dedicated care staff are getting extra time to explore our galleries together,” wrote the aquarium. 

“We've really missed exploring our oceans with you and are continuing to look for ways to stay connected during this unprecedented period.”

The aquarium spoke with Narcity about the video stating that the penguins have been going on exploratory walks every day. 

Apparently, these strolls don't just make for good online content but they are also a wonderful opportunity for the penguins to familiarize themselves with new settings in a relaxed environment. 

But they haven't just been visiting the sea lions. The group has also gone to see all the fish in the Amazon and Schoona exhibits.

They even made a pit stop at the green sea turtle exhibit. 

So far, they seem to enjoy the movement and shadows of the galleries and anything that swims by captures their attention. 

"It’s really fun to be able to explore the galleries with our penguins, it’s definitely a sort of silver lining and joyful moment while the aquarium is closed to the public," said Rachel Nelson with the Vancouver Aquarium.

"It’s so much fun wandering alongside them and showing them some of our favourite exhibits."

If you’re missing visiting all the Vancouver Aquarium animals, don’t worry. The aquarium has live cameras set up so you can watch the otters and jellyfish engage in their habitats. 

Even the penguins have a live cam where you can watch them eat, swim, and waddle when they aren’t busy exploring. 

The Vancouver Aquarium isn’t the only facility doing this. The Calgary Zoo has also posted video footage of their pandas online, and by the looks of it, they haven’t skipped a beat.

You know you’re on your computer anyways, you might as well do a virtual zoo tour. 

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